Games & Sports

in the context of intellectual and physical develoments of students ,it is necedssary to have sports activities along with the study.Every student player is required to get registered in the sports department for his particular sport.The calender should be issued by the university,after it ,selection dates are fixed in the college.It is mandatory for every player to participate in the practice work related to his particular sport.Players are selected in A and B categories respectively.In class A those students come who will fulfill  standard  set by the university. Annual games are organised in the college regularly.Selected student further  plays intercollegiates and inter University Sports events every year. Annual games and sports functions are organised in the college. A sportsperson may participate in up to three competitions. The best sportsperson is nominated as champion.

In the year 2022-23,College team has participated in the following inter collegiate Tournaments of SDS  University.
1- Football(winner)
2- Athletics(girls  winner) (boys-runner up)
3- Volleyball(girls-runner up)
4- Cricket
6- Badminton