Govt B.Ed Staff

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S.No Name  Designation  Educational Quali.  Date of Appointment  Photograph 
1 Dr.  R S Chauhan (HOD) Associate Professor M.A., M.Ed., NET, Ph.D    
2 Dr.  Swati Negi  Associate Professor, M.Sc. , B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., NET 21/07/2005
 3 Dr Amit Jaiswal Associate  Professor M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.,NET 18/07/2005
4 Dr. Sushma Bhatt Thaledi Assistant Professor B.A., M.A(Geog.) M.Ed., Ph.D Edu.  04/11/2011
5 Hitendra Kumar Lecturer, B.Ed.  M.Sc., B.Ed, M.Ed, NET 15/10/2014