Government P.G. College Kotdwar has a well equipped library for all the students of all classes. Books are issued to college students under the following rules-
  1. 2 books at U.G. level and 4 books at P.G.level for 15 days issued to all regular or enrolled students. After 15 days, Rs.1/- and after one mont, Rs 2/- per day fine will be payable.
  2. Exchange/issued-return/ distribution of books is applicable from 10:00am to 2:00pm on the working days. In this context, all students should check the notice board of the library or the notice board of the college.
  3. It's important in this regard that the books should be thoroughly checked while issued from the library. In case  of mutilated or missing pages, inform the book will be of the concerned student.
  4. Before the commencement of End-term examination, a student mus obtain the non-dues-certificate from the library after depositing the books in the library. otherwise, till the first 15 days of the commencement of the examination, Rs 1/- and  then Rs 2/- per day additional penalty/fine will be payable.
  5. In case the books are damaged or lost, the same title and author's book, the latest edition or double the cost of the book will have to be deposited.
  6. On the basis of the recommendations of the committee to the students at the U.G. level from the book bank, books will be made available on deposit of 10% of the book value.