Principal Message

 My dear students,

It brings me great pleasure and a feeling of  accomplishment to address as the Principal of this prestigious college on  this college website  .A warm welcome to all of  you.  The college website is a platform where the student will provided with the important facts and figures about the college along with the information on the college mission etc..Since its inception in 1971,the college has been striving towards maintaining high academic standards and excellence in the field of higher education.

I am positive that in time to come, we will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and persistently provide a platform of holistic learning to the students.We strive to endow the student with a platform helping them to broaden their notion and in the process provide them with a wide varietiy of opportunities in order to help them attain their highest potentials.I am proud of my students who have achieved high standards in academic and various co-curricular activities.Our aim is to develop a deep understanding in the minds of the students regarding the spiirit of leadership ,integrity and social justice.To fill the objectives ,the institute has various extension activities like NCC,NSS,Rovers-Rangers ,Sports etc.

We have  a dedicated  team of  faculty  who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the ethos of our college always shining brightly, by imparting the students with the latest knowledge and skill that would help to stand out in this fiercely competitive world. At the end I would like to extend my best wishes to all our staff members,students,parents and alumni.

Prof. Janki Panwar (Principal)