Principal Message

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It brings me Immense pleasure to bring to you the new website of Kotdwar. It is a platform where the student gets the opportunity to be up to date with all the nuances happening in the college. The present facilities. the schedule for the various events the teaching faculties etc.
The higher education system in India has grown in a remarkable way. Particularly in the post-Independence period to became one of the largest system of its kind in the world. However, the system has many issues of concern at present, Like financing and management including access,equity and relevance, reorientation of programmes by laying emphasis on health consciousness, value and ethics and quality of higher education together with the assesment of institution, and their accreditation. These issues are important for the country, As it is now engaged in the use of Higher Education as a powerful tool to built a knowledge based information society of 21st century.

Today we stand tall and aim to became a center for excellence, imparting academic     freedom to all stratas of the society a commitment to help and develop the minds of the younger generations we feel the need to be responsive to the social need as it is the need of the hour  to imbibe creativity openness and a diversity with synergies of the mind to our students.                                                                    

Prof. Janki Panwar