• To assess the functioning of all the departments (academic and administration).
  • To provide necessary suggestions for the betterment of performance of the departments.
  • To file data on various aspects of departmental functioning and the individuals.
  • To provide staff and student support services.
  • To promote the use of Information & Communication Technology.
  • To Install and sensitize the automation in variety of fields.
  • To scrutinize the Research proposals before applying the project to the funding agencies.
  • To help in compilation of the Magazine of the college.
  • To organize internal workshops this enhances the quality of both the teaching & learning.
  • To develop a Quality System to improve the academic & administrative performance of the college.
  • To promote measures towards quality enhancement imbibing quality culture and best practices.
  • To guide various faculty/ Departments to innovate and to suggest them the techniques of maximum utilization of available resources of the college.